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From an American Field Service International scholar, to being a lone woman in a predominantly male world, Brinda Somaya has long been a catalyst of change and a notable architect. This book is a carefully curated collection of her works thus far in her professional life and ends with interviews of her and other contemporaries wherein she touches upon a few of her philosophies and beliefs regarding various subjects.
Works and Continuities: An Architectural Monograph
Author: Brinda Somaya
Edited by: Nandini Somaya Sampat
Curated by: Ruturaj Parikh
Published: Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 2018

The book Brinda Somaya - Works and Continuities is about the architectural engagements of Brinda Somaya, a practicing architect of Mumbai. Somaya's work (over a hundred projects are recorded in the book) spans five decades, touching diverse client profiles in Mumbai and other parts of India.

Brinda needs no introduction to the architectural community. It would be presumptions to attempt one. The last part of the book faithfully records her achievements in over nine pages of fine print, and one suspects, to only skim the surface of her actual achievements. As this review is not about her work but about the monograph on her architectural productions, it would be suffice to say that her life work represents a significant slice of meaty and meaningful architectural projects designed and delivered in post-independence India.

To record such a full professional life, layered and deep, with a beginning way back in the 70's demanded an extraordinary effort of collation, introspection, selection, organization, review and presentation. The book does full justice to her being and life works, reflecting her persona, a crystal clear image cast on a hidden forest pool.

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