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Founded by two spatial designers, Brijender Singh Dua (architect and graphic designer) and Geeta Wahi Dua(landscape architect) in February, 2001, LA Journal, a professional publication based on the subject of landscape architecture, explores the relationship of nature and culture in the realm of design, in context of Indian subcontinent. The journal looks at the subject as a multidisciplinary discipline where scientists of natural Science, artists, historians, social scientists and spatial design professionals have significant roles to play, an approach that helps it to understand diversity of perspectives across different cultures regarding the subject.

Advisory Board
Rohit Marol, landscape architect (Bengaluru)
Savita Punde, landscape architect (Gurugram)

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LA Journal is solely supported by revenue generated by regular advertisements of landscape companies, of their products and services.

LA Journal is circulated amongst the spatial design fraternity including landscape architects, urban designers, conservation architects and other professionals. It enjoys a healthy visibility in libraries of architecture and design institutes all over India.


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