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The resort is an epitome of design where the boundaries separating landscape design and architecture are blurred. With each blending into the other, the project is illustrative of an idealistic and holistic approach to a design and has a strong sense of space and character.

PROJECT: Golkonda Resort and Spa
LOCATION: Hyderabad
TOTAL AREA: 35.0 Acres
ARCHITECTURE: Upal ghosh Associates &Shaheer Associates
LANDSCAPE CONSULTANT: Shaheer Associates & Ashok Reddy
DURATION: 2003-2006
COST (Civil & Landscape): Rs. 35.0 Crores approximately
This site is located just outside the city near the famous Osman Sagarlake, popularly known as Gandipet Lake. There is a building, constructed in the colonial architectural style by the British in 1924, which was used as a Circuit House. Later, it became a state Government Guest House, and then in around 2002 it was leased out to the present owner for the to development of a hospitality facility. The site is was undulating and rugged in some portions, with the old colonial structure sitting on a higher ground in the middle of it and the lake on its south western side. One of the main design objectives was to retain the visual connection of the site with the lake and also to negotiate the natural levels and drainage in the best possible way.

The original building at the centre is the pivotal node that guides the overall architectural layout. It has been restored and reused as the reception area. Its central location defines the areas before it as public and the areas beyond for private and semiprivate uses like cottages, pools and dining. The reception block leads to the conference facility via a series of inviting broad steps, arranged along an axis designed with grass treads and stone risers. The public areas like banquet hall, party ground, tower restaurant, convention centre and parking are all located in the front zone. Vehicular access is only limited to this zone only. The rest of the area is only for pedestrians and serviced by golf carts.


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