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PULP: Stories of everyday, everywhere and for everyone
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A quirky and innovative take on contemporary story-telling based on real-life experiences and current trends. PULP challenges notions of society, human control over finite resources and attempts to reinvent traditional art forms.
"Chandu ki cycle bilkul chandu jaisi thi;
chalati thi toh chandu jaise chunchun karti thi"
-'Udaan', 2010

The verse in a way reverberates the essence of PULP [live], an online magazine initiated by Ground Research. PULP is an evocative, earthy and brewing idea that germinates from the very word 'pulp'-implying both flesh and fiction, which has now been shaped in the form of versatile storytelling. Versatility that is an amalgamation of the diverse cultural flavours of the country. An inclusive Indian palate that is both the muse and the mirror for PULP stories.

Akin to the onomatopoeic quality of the word chunchun, and the generic name Chandu, it connotes an omnipresent quality, without not being obvious; the stories written and curated by PULP bear a similar resemblance. Stories of those urban mannerisms, hidden identities and even human relationships that make up our day-to-day living; of nuances that are so common, regular and often overexposed and yet they remain unseen from the daily patterns of individual lifestyles.


Reimagining Landscapes
Identity | Approach | Stewardship
Isola 13th annual conference, Kochi, 2019

Rajesh George, Nupur Prothi Khanna and Nikhil Dhar

Remembering Nimish

Sohan Nilkanth

ecology & environment
Mapping a waste treatment landscape
East Kolkata wetlands

Dhruba Das Gupta

Land & Water
Udaipur: The city of lakes

Rupal Rathore

Lakes of Delhi
Intekhab Alam


Garden of the unexpected

Eyes on the canal
Buckingham canal open-ideas competition

A site to behold

Sujata Kohli

Sustainable designs, unique identities

In Conversation with Shyam Khandekar

Imagining landscapes of social and
Ecological resilience

In conversation with Breck Gastinger

view from within
Those old days in these new Times

Geeta Wahi Dua

landscape design
Weaving culture through the Landscape
Tata Consultancy Services, Mihan, Nagpur

LSG Landscape Architecture and Green Space Alliance [GSA]

VILLA 270°
Harne, Dapoli, Maharashtra

Sparrow Landscape Initiative

seeing the unseen
Stories of everyday, everywhere and for everyone


book review
Look what we found when we planted seeds
Of curiosity!
UNESCO World heritage sites of India series

Review by Malvika Bajaj Saini


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