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Evoking Landscapes through Music |Pt. Shivkumar Sharma
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Music expresses the emotions of the people in a region and is often a window into their lifestyle and tradition. Since it is influenced by the memories of the creator, it is thus entirely unique to him, with the power to invoke those same memories when heard again. The sound of a song stirs within one the serenity and imagery of different landscapes by assigning a visual expression to an auditory experience.
Music has the power to transport the listeners to a different world. Music has the power to transport you to anywhere in the world with its magic to stir emotions, sometimes more than any visual medium. Unlike in other creative arts, in music, it is a challenge to create a highly emotive composition which doesn't have a visual defined form to it. The beauty of music is without visual components and language, it can convey different human emotions through melody and rhythm-especially instrumental music-and therefore it is rightly said music is a universal language. My personal experience is after a concert often listeners tell me that they had experienced different visuals in their mind while listening to the music.

Memory and imagination are the mental tools for any creative composition. For us musicians, the system is different. We have to go to a guru to learn a particular art form for years and years. After that a musician should master what he or she had learned with constant practice what was learnt from the guru. The next step is to listen to different musicians and understand their style and expression and then make a comparative study after which a final stage arrives where especially an extraordinary gifted musician can create his or her own style of music. The beauty of Indian classical music is we don't use written notations while performing and practically no rehearsals before the performance. Music is created on the stage in a format of improvisation and based on knowledge and experience. Memory is essential as to what we had learned from the guru but the ultimate step is creating and expressing our own emotions and thoughts.


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