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volume 3 | issue 1

From this issues, we are starting a section on designed landscape projects with the objective to demonstrate the work being done in the profession and we look for ward to your cooperation in making our efforts successful.
Memorials invoke images of tranquility and respect perhaps because of their being a link between the living and the deceased. In a memorial project, the task of the designer is possibly much more difficult than with other landscape project as not only one has to pay tribute to the deceased or commemorate an event through the design, but also has to keep a memory alive. In this issue, the selected contemporary memorial projects such as Shakti Sthala, Memorial to Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumbudur, Vir Bhumi and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial etc., even with their varied conceptual approaches and design expressions, illustrate this quite well.

Shakti Sthala by Ravindra Bhan

Vir Bhumi by M Shaheer

Sri Rajiv Gandhi Kendra by K T Ravindran, M Shaheer

Ben Gurion Memorial National Park by Adit Pal

Landscape Architecture Memorials: Memorial Design In India by Yuthika Sharma

Buddha Memorial by M N Ashish Ganju

Shivaji State-Garden by Jayant Dharap

The Presence Of Landscape In Contemporary Memorials by Carla Corbin

The World Trade Centre by Runit Chhaya

Book Review
Naveen Patnaik, Garden Of Life

Know Your Plants
Chorisia Speciosa, Reshmi Rui

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