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volume 2 | issue 4

When a national level competition advertisement invites architects and urban designers with no reference to landscape architects for design ideas for a park; and when a government corporation says it does not know whom to approach when looking for landscape architects for public landscape projects, you know that our profession has a long way to go in increasing its visibility and accessibility in the minds of the profession and the public.
Thirty years on, the landscape practice still seems unorganized and has been unable to make its full mark in the larger public arena. In this special issue therefore, we have tried to gain the perspective of those concerned with the profession landscape architects and designers, architects, clients as well as landscape contractors. Opinions vary, and at times the groups may seem to blame each other (and themselves), but one thing is certain though entangled by a few problems, the future of the profession is bright with opportunities and promises.
A free economy, involvement of the multinational companies in development works and an aware and demanding clientele are some of the reasons that are fuelling the growth of the landscape profession today.

Professional Practice In Landscape Architecture by Prof. (Dr) Rommel Mehta

Landscape Architecture : Interviews

The GATS & Landscape Architecture In India by Adit Pal


Summer Annuals by Satish Mathur

Book Review
Open House, Edited And Designed By Dung Ngo
Thames And Hudson 2002

Know Your Plants
Dalbergia Sisso, Shisham

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