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volume 2 | issue 3

Roads form one of the most prominent elements of any cityscape. More than mere connectors with engineering equations, roadside design also involves plantation scheme, street furniture, contouring along hill sides etc.
In this issue on Transport Corridors, landscape architect Akshay Kaul talks about design concerns while developing a good highway design. Prof. Jaswant Rai describes various parameters to be considered in designing roads, while Pune based landscape designer Shobha Bhoptkar discusses the roadside landscape. NID designers Saybyasachi Paldas and Amir Krishn Gulati discuss the design brief and their solution for the new bus queue shelters – prominent streetscape elements today in the city of Delhi.
Delhi Metro is all set to change the life of transport of the city. In her interview, Tripta Khurana, Chief Architect with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) talks about the potentials and issues involved in this magnum opus. Eminent planner Prof. Sayed S. Shafi gives his views about the conservation of Delhi’s heritage in Metro’s context.

Tribute :
Achyut P. Kanvinde

Landscape Design : A highway is not just a highway by Akshay Kaul

Landscape Design Principles To Fit In Space & Environment
by Prof. Jaswant Rai

Bus Queue Shelters by Sabyasachi Paldas & Amit Krishan Gulati

Metro Rail System & Delhi’s Heritage by Sayed S. Shaf

Roadside Landscape: A need of the day by Shobha Bhopatkar

The Metropolis : Tripta Khurana - Chief Architect, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Book Review
Meera Uberoi, The Penguin Book Of Gardening In India

Know Your Plants
Albizia Lebbek, Siris

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