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volume 2 | issue 2

Traditionally, most of our old cities have observed a certain perception regarding landscape in their planning – a deep- rooted respect for nature. Even in modern times, Lutyen’s Central vista in New Delhi and the city of Chandigarh can be seen as examples where landscape has been consciously incorporated in planning process.
Unfortunately, this perception has not been carried over fully in our new developments. This is so much more evident in projects which constitute vast public areas – roadsides, traffic roundabouts, city parks, areas along railway lines and riversides.
In this special issue, various professionals share their views regarding the situation. We divided the whole exercise broadly into two parts. While this issue deals specifically with the role of landscape profession and its being integral part in overall planning, various issues being faced by it in recent times and its growth during the last few decades etc., the next issues shall address the profession’s role in the context of the city of Delhi – the Master Plan, river Yamuna etc.

Art & Landscape Architecture : Intervention of Art by Narendra Dengle

Landscape Architecture : Past & Prospects by Prof. M. Shaheer


Role of Landscape Architect

Landscape in City Planning

Integrated Approach

Role of Multiple Agencies


The Fragrant Landscape by Manjari Chakraborty

Book Review
Samir Mathur Great City Parks,London
Spon Press, 2001

Know Your Plants
Eugenia Jambolana, Jamun

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