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The city of Hyderabad, located on the Deccan plateau region along river Musi has a rich cultural history, shaped in the last six centuries. Founded by Muhammad-Quli Qutb Shah of the Golconda kingdom in 1591, it was subsequently taken over by Mughals and Nizams till independence. Thereafter, it became the capital city for the State of Andhra Pradesh. Traditional systems of nature conservation have played a great role in defining the character of the region. The city has a history of investing in creating ecological assets, large artificial lake (Hussain Sagar), grand reservoir (Mir Alam) and Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park KBR Natural Park to quote few examples. The iconic rock formations, hills, water reservoirs, and forests represent the dominant physical features of the historic city.

The special section on Hyderabad in the issue features few of the landscape related aspects of the city and the region. Dr Sridevi Rao, Guest Editor of the special section, notes that the culture is central to ‘successful’ design in the city. She further observes that it is crucial to micro-manage natural assets of the city through design, since they define the image of Hyderabad. The point is again emphasized in her book, A Measure of Community, based on the public spaces of the city which is reviewed in the issue. The Master Plan for the sub-city of Cyberabad, the Information Technology IT hub, formulated in early nineties was an attempt to integrate the ecological systems of the region with the proposed manmade infrastructure. A feature on the sub-city shares its main features. The character of the landscape practice in the region is defined by many landscape design works being designed and executed by landscape professionals, few of which are presented in this issue.

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The city of Hyderabad
Dr Sridevi Rao

City of Hope and Future
Vastu shilpa consultants

Qutb Shahi Heritage Park
Conservation & Landscape Restoration
Aga Khan Development Network

A Reading from Shaikpet Sarai
Qutb Shahi, hyderabad
Sriganesh rajendran

Golkonda Resorts and Spa, Hyderabad
Upalghosh Associates & Shaheer Associates

Naandi: A Rural Commune
FHD group

KBR Park, Hyderabad
Kishore D Pradhan: Architecture + Landscape

T{h}ree tales
Aparna Rao

Landscape Practices
In conversation with
Narasimham Vadlamani

The self community and spirituality
Conversation on landscape with
Clare Cooper Marcus
Amita Sinha

Story of Evolution
In conversation with Pranay Lal

Sustainable Development Goals
A progressive Environmental Agenda
Geeta Wahi Dua

Seeing the unseen
Across the river
Watercolours by M Rohit This land...
Poems by Arun Vemuri
English translation by Dr Sridevi Rao

Tracing narratives
Indian Landscape Design
A travelling exhibition

Book review
Modernity with Human Values
An Architectural Practice

Achyut Kanvinde – akar
Review by MN Ashish Ganju

An Approach to Open Space
A Measure of Community: Public Open Space
and Sustainable Development Goal 11.7

Review by Rajat Ray & Hemlata

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