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In these times of change, political discourse and public engagement about the idea of nationalism, and development for masses rather than only for classes make it important to talk about issues of “identity” on multiple scales and public participation in the decision-making processes. Narendra Dengle reviews a book on the subject of heritage management in South Asia which may have lessons, as the authors observe, for a global context. The section View from within explores various meanings of the words “Indianness” and “indigenous” in the realm of landscape design. History is never absolute. Continuing research and explorations give it new meanings. The study of pedestrian circulation and street patterns from Manasara, the ancient Indian treatise on architecture and town-planning, adds a new temporal dimension and brings to light new findings in the area of urban design and planning. Harshad Bhatia’s essay calls for a more nuanced approach in the public participatory frameworks in planning sector with greater transparency.
In Pune, a part of the country where “landscape design” was often related to “horticulture”, the landscape practice of Ravi and Varsha Gavandi—now more than twenty five years old—has been able to provide informed direction to clients and users in understanding the meaning of landscape design that is linked with natural science, design and aesthetics. On the way, their projects offer many creative ways of engagement with nature. A special feature in the issue shares their journey.

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ArvindTalati: A forgotten pioneer of Modern Indian Architecture

IGBC’s Green Landscape Summit 2016

Changing Climates, Evolving Landscapes, Isola-Goa 2017

Landscape and Conservation, SKNCOA-Pune, 2017

public participation
Public Participation in Design Works:
The Nimby, Banana and Lulu Syndromes

Harshad Bhatia

learningfrom the past
Clues on Street Network from Manasara:
Footpath or Sidewalks are not a British Legacy to India

Archana Sharma

Going Forward: Landscape Architecture in India
Alpa Nawre

view from within
Identities and Boundaries
Geeta Wahi Dua

Aesthetics, Utility and Environment: Practice of Ravi
Varsha Gavandi, Pune

Redesigning Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai

landscape design
Transforming Urban Landscapes: Futala Lake, Nagpur
Deeproots Design

Revitalisation Of Derelict Urban Spaces:
Bundh Rejuvenation and Eco-Restoration of Urban Forest, Gurugram

VSPB Associates

Mana Resort, Ranakpur, Rajasthan
Parul Kiri Roy

Swastik Vatika: Marriage Venue, Anand
Karmavir Ghatge & Associates

Clover Fields: Weekend Home, Bangalore
Genesis Architecture

seeing the unseen
Panchtattvas: The Road Ahead
Dilpreet Bhullar

book review
An Inspiring Visual Reference
Book: #91 Residences Contemporary Indian Houses #3
review by Madhu Pandit

A Post-Colonial Paradigm of Universal Interest
Book: Cultural Landscapes of South Asia:
Studies in Heritage Conservation and Management

review by Narendra Dengle

landscape industry
Outdoor Lighting
Steve L. Aries

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