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Over the past few decades now, the near absence of natural processes in the working dynamics of our living spaces of all scales neighborhoods, towns and cities, is proving to be entirely detrimental, resulting in their unorganized and uncontrolled growth. Along with sustainable growth, urban areas need to evolve with time to become livable, humane and inclusive places. Growth at the local scale needs to be recognized as small components of an interdependent larger framework of a ecourban region which is neither static nor isolated and independently constructed. Moreover, while constructing new idioms of design and planning, we also need to look back in time to traditional values of nature, and the conservation practices for learning valuable lessons from them for our present challenges.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), over the last three and a half decades has been a frontrunner in bringing awareness about some of the above mentioned concerns on multiple levels
in government, amongst professionals and the common man. Along with the awareness about environment, it is also engaged in working out scientific long term solutions. Its advocacy in these matters has been influential in framing of many new policies and legislations for the citizens of the country. Sunita Narain, Director, CSE answers questions on various areas of common interest and concerns with the landscape profession about nature, environment and development.

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ArvindTalati: A forgotten pioneer of Modern Indian Architecture

In memory of Anil Laul
SnehaMandhan& Tanya Pahwa

landscape restoration
Healing Touch:
Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon

landscape design
Conservation and sustainable use of a cultural landscape feature:
Naubad Karez at Bidar, Karnataka


Contemporarizing traditional water architecture

A. Mridul

Introspection, Interpretation:
Shanti Van, Ahmedabad

Footprints E.A.R.T.H.

landscape research
Reimagining Agra:
Fluvial geographies of historic cities

Shahena Khan & Shubham Mishra

Water conserving design in rurban India:
A nallah-front village in Jamnagar District, Gujarat

James L Wescoat Jr

Nature in the City: Nehru Park, New Delhi
Landscape Foundation India

traditional wisdom
"Acchhayvicharonkabhiakaal" Famine of good ideas
Chatarsingh Jaam

Towards sustainable equitable development
In conversation with Sunita Narain

view from within
City with rural past, Village with urban future
Geeta Wahi Dua

Celebrating the landscape through paintings in natural dyes
Taniya Vaidya

seeing the unseen
Celebration and prayer
Ashok Vajpeyi

book review
Naturally: Tread softly on the planet
Review by Shishir R Raval

Nesting in nature, Sanjay Patil
Review by Aruna Ramani Grover

tree sheet
Acacia nilotica (subsp. Indica), Babool

Green Circus

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