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In the last four months, we have seen the passing away of four important personalities of India M.N. Buch, Charles Correa and Prabhakar B Bhagwat and Nek Chand. While Buch, Correa and Bhagwat had significant impacts on the practice and discourse in the spatial design professions in India, Nek Chand achieved worldwide fame with his relentless passion and dedication to a single project.

The contribution of Charles Correa to the discipline of architecture and planning in India is much celebrated. A dynamic professional who was always ready to take on new challenges, roles, experimented and learned from them; a firm believer in the idea of India; a thinker and a visionary whose intellectual discourse and ideas have been inspiring for every generation. Correa, an iconic figure of the 20th century will live on in the minds of professionals and students through the legacy of his path breaking projects and deeply cherished thoughts.

Prabhakar B Bhagwat nurtured scores of young students for decades who imbibed the core value of environment and ecology in landscape architecture and design. Under his guidance, the landscape programme that he started in CEPT University Ahmedabad in 1993, became known for a strong research based ecological approach towards design with the natural environment. Many successful young practices in India are headed by students from this programme.

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Charles Correa
Ranjit Sabikhi
Ruturaj Parikh
Geeta Wahi Dua

Prabhakar B Bhagwat
Balkrishna Doshi
Mohammad Shaheer
Aparna Rao

Nek Chand

M.N. Buch
Savita Raje

Looking back is to look forward
In conversation with Narayani Gupta

Landscape Architecture:
A Tool for Environmental Stewardship
In conversation with Kongjian Yu

Research based Design in
Landscape Architecture Practice
Amita Sinha

landscape design
Commemorating the Past
Komagata Maru Memorial, Vancouver

Three Trees House
DADA & Partners | Design Process

The Pink Affair
Rujuta Ranade

urban planning
Inclusive Neutrality:
An urban democracy and landscape planning strategy
to reinvent Dharavi
Amrita Madan and Priyanka Jain
Inclusive Neutrality Team

seeing the unseen
Whose Wall is it Anyway:
Art in the public realm
Vedang Bagwe

book reviews
Dwelling on Ideas
Dialogues with Indian Master Architects
Review by A Srivatsan

The Raj: Remains and Reminiscences
Memories of Belonging: Images from the colony and beyond
Review by Farhat Nasreen

know your plants
Kusum, Schleichera oleosa

Green Circus

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