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Presentations and graphics have acquired a completely different meaning in today’s design world. digital technology has revolutionized the imaginations of both designers and their clients. it has proved a blessing for addressing issues of scale of project and speed of production. However, the excessive use of digital graphics often distracts from the essence of ideas, concepts and designs, leaving the designer hardly any time for thinking and reflection, which is crucial for any creative work.

Hand drawings, drawn with a deep sense of consciousness, are not just products but thinking processes – an emotional and intellectual engagement of mind, eye and hand. Moreover, personal touch, human attributes and personality traits, are very much visible in free hand drawings and strokes which are far less evident in a digital format. in one of his articles in the New York times, Michael Graves, an emeritus professor at Princeton states that “it has become fashionable in many architectural circles to declare the death of drawing.”

With the idea of revisiting the practice of hand drawing, this issue compiles a few interesting works of professionals and organizations of their design journeys. Essays about the role of free hand drawings and illustrations in various creative idioms, urban design and comic graphics show the depth and breadth of the medium. some of them are pure fun to view.

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Sound and Scent in the Garden
Daniel Walden

ASLA Convention 2013
Adit Pal

Lines of Thought, Observations and Provocations
Drawings and Future Cities: Drawings as a Projective Tool

Nishant Lall

Shree Naik

About Drawing
Mohammad Shaheer

Ideas of Design
Sketches by Sanjay Mohe

Design Expressions
Sketches by Umesh Waklaley

A Brush with Nature
Sunder Nursery & Humayun’s Tomb

Water colours by Himanish Das / Aga Khan Trust for Culture

“Drawing Out” the Landscape:
The Sketches of Lawrence Halprin

Sriganesh Rajendran

Environmentalism in Comics:
The case of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

Nikhil Chaudhary

While I stand here...
Fatema Kalim Master

What ails us?
Aniket Bhagwat

view from within
Empowering a Profession:
Council of Landscape Architecture

Geeta Wahi Dua

landscape design
Truthful Spaces
The Atree Research Centre, Bangalore

Deepa Dipak

south asia
Sri Lankan Journeys
Rajeev Kathpalia

seeing the unseen
For the Love of a Land: Haren Das
Dr. Paula Sengupta

Memoirs of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur Padshah Gazi

National Museum, New Delhi
Dr. Daljeet and Rajeshwari Shah

book review
Jungle Trees of Central India
Review by Dr. Rajesh Thadani

Himalayan Cities
Settlement Patterns, Public Places and Architecture

Review by Romi Khosla


know your plants
Java-ki-Rani, Cassia javanica

green circus

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