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Addressing the idea of “sense of place” in today’s rapidly changing world where most of us are intentionally or unintentionally shedding our cultural identities to become global citizens is a great challenge. It acquires a complex dimension when discussed in the realm of landscape architecture where indigenous models of design are still to be established in a nuanced way and at a variety of scales.
The Indian Society of Landscape Architects ISOLA Conference in New Delhi was organized this year around this very theme. A range of speakers deliberated on theories in spatial design and literary fi elds and presented examples to illustrate the idea of genius loci in a sensitive yet pragmatic way. In this issue, Jan Woudstra, one of the speakers at the conference, builds upon this theory and quotes diff erent examples of places that have acquired the “sense of place”. We are thankful to ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter for facilitating our interactions with some of the speakers for interviews and articles.
In his interview, Jack Ahern underlines that the appropriate addressing of the ecological layers of a site plays a crucial role for creating a “sense of place.” He discusses the role of landscape architects, interdisciplinary approach to planning and new concepts like scenario planning and role of GIS.
With a thought provoking article on the theory of landscape design, Mohammad Shaheer resumes his regular section in the journal.

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Hunnarbaaz: Skilled to win!
Sachin Jain

361° Architecture & Identity
361° Bureau

A Sense of Place: 9th ISOLA Annual Conference
Ayla Khan

Francis Wacziarg 1942–2014
A G Krishna Menon

About Theory: Landscape and Landscape Culture
Mohammad Shaheer

landscape design
The Spirit of the Place
Jan Woudstra

Practice, Landscape & Society
In conversation with Neelkanth Chhaya

From an Environmentalist’s Eye
In conversation with Jack Ahern

Landscape Architecture: An Apocalyptic Manifesto
Heidi Hohmann and Joern Langhorst

view from within
Keep it Simple
Geeta Wahi Dua

Rating the Rating Systems
Samir Mathur

GREEN on Credit:
A note on the IGBC Green Landscape Rating System
Sanjay Prakash, Tanmany Tahaghat and Mohan Rao

seeing the unseen
Mann ki raah – Way to the heart
Geeta Wahi Dua

Poetic Musings
Talking to Ashok Vajpeyi

Poems by Ashok Vajpeyi

En Route
Rahul Gupta

Underground: In conversation with Jeroen van Westen
Ritu Sharma and Prachi Wakaley

book review
The Discovery of Architecture
A contemporary treatise on ancient values and indigenous reality
Review by Madhu Pandit

Wonders of Nature
Ustad Mansur at the Mughal Court
Review by Priyaleen Singh

Bombay/Mumbai Immersions
Review by Shilpa Ranade


know your plants
Chikrassi, Chukrasia tabularis

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