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As the annual exhibition and award ceremony for the Students Design Competition has travelled each year to a different location in India, it has given us an opportunity to get to know new places and meet new faces. Two months back, the competition’s event was organized in Kolkata. This was the first time the competition was held in the eastern half of the country.
The “cultural capital of the country” as it is sometimes referred to, is a vibrant city, a home to around 14 million people (Census 2011). With its rich cultural legacy and high literacy rates, Kolkata has a thriving intellectual and creative environment. The ideologies of the past governments with a socialist mindset in many ways are one of the reasons for the present image of the city with many parts still having that old world charm, at least for the outsiders cafeterias, addas, street food, club culture, football fever, historic streets, boat rides across the Hugli River, Shantiniketan, and not to forget annual month-long Durga Puja celebrations.
On the other hand, Kolkata has many serious urban planning issues – unmanageable high volumes of traffic, ever increasing urban population, high levels of air and water pollution and crumbling urban infrastructure. Like any other Indian city, it shows signs of gradual change over the past few years – revamped heritage buildings in the core zone, brand outlets of eateries and clothing, as well as malls and multiplexes. The suburbs of the city are more aggressively responding to the forces of new economic paradigms with high end hotels, elite gated housing communities, corporate buildings, flyovers and now a newly constructed international airport. It is a real challenge to address these issues, keeping in mind the Bengali shonskriti that every citizen of the city is so proud of.

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Cultural Landscapes – Transformations
4th International Symposium on
Cultural and Historical Landscapes INCULS

Report by Sandip Patil

Science, Democracy and Ecology in India
(Concluding Part)
Madhav Gadgil

ecological restoration
Restoration of Bauxite Mines
Western Ghats of Maharashtra
Jayant Kulkarni, Kaustubh Moghe & Vivek Gour-Broome
with Peeyush Sekhsaria

landscape design
A Borrowed Garden
Divyajyoti Sharma

Kolkata Maidan
Design Competition 2004
Ravindra Bhan & Associates
Mohammad Shaheer & Madhup Mazumder

A Bond With Nature
Dulal Mukherjee

view from within
In Partnership
Geeta Wahi Dua

landscape: a world of patterns
Landscape Foundation
Students’ Design Competition 2013

Jury & Results
Prize Winning Entries
Special Mention Certificate Entries
List of Participants 2013

Attuned to Nature
Ravindra Bhan

Prakash Gole: A Tribute
Team of Oikos for Ecological Services, Pune

book review
The Restoration of Nature
Review by Dr Shishir R Raval

Landscape Architecture in India: A Reader
Review by M N Ashish Ganju

Architecture of Santiniketan,
Tagore’s Concept of Space

Review by Snehanshu Mukherjee

Spaces Inspired by Nature
Review by Shilpa Chandawarkar


know your plants
Mandara, Erythrina variegata

green circus

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