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The classic debate between environment and development has many questions to it. Is it a manageable proposition for India to be an economically and environmentally progressive nation at the same time? With 70% of the population still living in rural areas, what role will rural India play in the 21st century nation? Can contemporary development in urban areas learn anything from traditional wisdom? In our quest to present more perspectives in this discussion, we present a two-part feature by Madhav Gadgil, eminent environmentalist, where he discusses issues of development in the context of an environmentally-sensitive framework.
We also present the restoration of a basalt quarry in the Western Ghats, where from the start, revitalizing the ecological health of the site was the part of the main design brief.
One doesn’t often see their projects presented in public forums, conferences, seminars and journals. The offi ce doesn’t have a website. Yet their work stands up to critical acclaim. The founding partners, Nina Chandawarker and T M Chengappa studied at the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, under the leadership of Prof. Ian McHarg, recognized around the world for his pioneering contributions to ecological planning and design. Since then, having set up their offi ce in Bangalore almost 25 years ago, Oikos has been engaged in a variety of interesting projects in the region. It is a pleasure to share their views about various facets of their practice and the profession.

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Search Forum | 03
A Symposium on Digital Architecture: Research & Practice
Report by Dr Suptendu P Biswas

Sustainable Landscapes
Current Scenario and the Way Forward
Report by Shilpa Chandawarkar

Eco-Productive Cities
Auroville Green Practices Seminar 2013
Report by Suhasini Ayer

book release
Landscape Architecture in India: A Reader


Science, Democracy and Ecology in India
Madhav Gadgil

landscape design
In Nature’s Bowl
Margie Ruddick

Luxury Resort and Camp, Dechu, Rajasthan
Kishore D Pradhan

Evoking Memories
Residence at Iris Farms, Bhondsi, Haryana
Samir Mathur | Integral Designs

The Traditional Charbagh Gardens in Uzbekistan’s Urban Landscapes
Sitora N Sadykova
Translated from Russian by Sipra Ghosh

Holistic Approach
In conversation with Nina Chandavarkar & T M Chengappa
Deepa D

students’ section
Documenting Urban Open Spaces: Ecological | Contemporary
Department of Landscape Architecture,
School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi

know your plants
Mahua, Madhuca longifolia

green circus

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