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In the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, where devastating floods wreaked havoc about one month ago, the scale and magnitude of the damage caused can be assessed by the fact that by the time this issue is going to press, the rescue operations are still going on to evacuate pilgrims, tourists and locals and to assess the magnitude of loss of property and life. What has changed environmentally in the recent past that has resulted in conditions that created this disaster? How can we meet the increasing energy and living requirements of the growing population in the hills without damaging the local natural environment and ecology? These are tough and complex questions. We will try to point to possible answers in upcoming issues.
The sustainable use of natural resources in urban development is the key mantra for Biome, a multidisciplinary practice based in Bengaluru. With the speed and scale of urbanization that we see around us, such successful projects and radical thinking are like a breath of fresh air and affirms our faith in first principles and forgotten wisdom.

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The S D Vaidya Memorial Lecture:
Dying to Live–The story of Rao Jodha Park
Report by Devayani Upasini | ISOLA Mumbai

educational institutions
A Tale of Two Sites: IIT | Mandi & Jodhpur
Freddie Ribeiro | BDP

In Partnership with Nature: IIM Udaipur
Vastu Shilpa Consultants

Banaras Hindu University Campus:
A Pattern Perfect in the Labyrinth of Banaras
K N Prudhvi Raju


Committed to Ecology:
In conversation with Chitra & S Vishwanath
Deepa D

In conversation with Mohsen Mostafavi
Prashanta Bhat

view from within
Balance Sheet | Nature versus Man
Geeta Wahi Dua

Urban Transmogrification: Necessity for Mutation of Spaces
Shantesh Kelvekar

The Spirit of Tara
Rajen Baraya

mughal gardens initiative
On Conserving Some Historic Gardens and Landscapes of Delhi
A G Krishna Menon

Looking Beyond the Core Area
Sharvey Dhongde

Mughal Garden Waterworks, Past and Prospect
James L Wescoat Jr

students’ section
Documenting Urban Open Spaces: Heritage
Department of Landscape Architecture,
School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi

Walking with Heritage
Review of Delhi 20 Heritage Walks by Farhat Nasreen

know your plants
Casuarina, Casuarina equisetifolia

green circus

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