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LA! Journal conducted a nationwide survey of landscape professionals, though not exhaustive in terms of number of practices, across India in six weeks [March|April]. It was an opportunity for us to establish a dialogue with practitioners and academicians on several interesting issues of concern and thinking about the profession. This issue of the journal presents the main results followed by commentaries by four landscape professionals.
Establishing a strong relationship with nature has always been the main design focus for Didi Contractor, who has been practicing sustainable architecture and design in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh for decades. We present an interview feature with her, where she shares her views about her works and philosophy with Joginder Singh, architect turned photographer.
Oikos, a non-governmental organization, based in Pune is involved in providing ecological consultancy for the restoration of nature and biodiversity conservation for sites. One of such projects of restoration of a barren and degraded land, situated in Western Ghats, to an evergreen forest of native vegetation is featured in this issue of the journal.
A planting palette in urban areas often comprises of plants which are selected more because of their aesthetic features rather than ecological compatibility with the region. Article ‘Homecoming’ elaborates on the need to bring back the native and naturalized vegetation to the urban areas.
We take this opportunity to welcome Pradip Krishen, eminent naturalist, to our advisory board. We are sure that journal, and our readers, will benefit from his expertise especially in the area of understanding regional ecology which for us is inseparable from responsible landscape design.

Bring back the sparrows! - World Sparrow Day

Zoo Designing and Landscape Planning
Dr Brij Kishore Gupta

Prof. Jaswant Rai – An Eulogy Rommel Mehta

landscape survey
The Way We Work!
The First Ever Survey of Landscape Profession in India: Practice & Academics

landscape survey commentaries

Exciting Times
Samir Mathur

Challenges Ahead
Satish Khanna

The Mirror Turns Glass
Aniket Bhagwat

Current Trends
Prashanta Bhat

view from within
Geeta Wahi Dua

'Down to Earth' - In conversation with Didi Contractor
Joginder Singh

Planned Pedestrian Precincts
Ranjit Sabikhi

ecological restoration
Restoring the land to its original glory!
Peeyush Sekhsaria

Small Modern Natural - Corporate Office, Bangalore
Design Milieu Bold Exterior Narration - Terrace Garden, Pune
Design Terra

landscape in indian literature
Five Landscapes: The Tinai of the Kuruntogai
Uma Sankar Sekar

book review
Islamic Gardens and Landscapes
Book review by Dr Narayani Gupta

Letters to a Young Architect
Book review by Shishir R Raval

new products
Water saving planters

green circus

know your plants
Barna, Crataeva adansonii

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