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Every spatial design profession grows by new theories that are evolved versions of the past ones. These theories are responses to the new and changing realities of developments all around the world. As concluding part of the feature on Landscape and Planning, we hereby present the issue on Landscape Urbanism. The concept of Landscape Urbanism (term coined by Charles Waldheim in late 1990s) is based on the theory that landscape rather than architecture or urban design should be the basic model of all planning exercises.
While understanding of the complexities of the concept in present context may differ with each region, broadly, it is about re- emergence of the long forgotten ideas of balancing development with nature in city planning exercises. With the present thrust of global world on values of sustainability and environment, green rating systems and carbon credits, Landscape Urbanism may be one of the saviors of the developing nations in the 21st century. For Third World countries like India, it will have more issues to address besides its core values of addressing a city as process. Its seamless collaborative approach with other responsible forces of city planning will hold the key to its success in the future times. The discussion on the subject is introduced for the first time in the journal. Authors have tried to dialogue and debate it as a discipline, about its potentials and limitations and its relevance in Indian context. Hopefully, it will clear many ambiguities in its understanding and pave way for the readers to take it to the next level of discussions and deliberations.


Sacred Water - A seminar by Isola Delhi Chapter

Re-thinking Urban Futures - Delhi 2050

Making Cities Better - India@100


A Place in Transition
- Winning entry for the Golden Temple Entrance Plaza competition

landscape urbanism

Landscape Urbanism
- Rahul Paul

In conversation with Charles Waldheim & James Corner

Ecological Structures to Guide Urbanization
- Kelly Shannon | Bruno De Meulder | Annelies De Nijs

Towards Landscape Intelligence
- Gale Fulton

The Obdurate form of Landscape Urbanism:
Neoliberalism, Design and Critical Agency

- Douglas Spencer

Landscape & Urbanism in India
- Views of professionals & academicians

View From Within
- Geeta Wahi Dua

Urban Thinker
- In conversation with K T Ravindran


Preserving & Revitalizing Mumbai’s Environmental Assets: An Approach
- Shirley Ballaney | Bindu Nair


Surat Safe Habitat: Planning & Design Competition
Theme-2 | “Spatial Area Planning of Low Lying Area With High Flood Risk”

- Integrated Design


Alvida Fida
- Mansinh M Rana remembers M F Husain

book review

New Ethics and Aesthetics of the Urban
‘Ecological Urbanism’

- review by Mohan S Rao

students’ section

Auroville: Natural systems as a determinant role in realizing Utopia
- Heera Mohan

know your plants

Chir, Pinus roxburghii

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