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volume 1 | issue 3

Ever increasing population of towns as well as metropolitan cities has resulted in open land succumbing to the pressures of urbanization. We have lost much of the green cover and open green areas to the built up structures catering to the ever-increasing needs. This has further exerted pressures on basic infrastructure facilities. Contamination of ground water has further worsened the situation.
The decision of the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation to make rainwater harvesting mandatory for all the new building construction in the city of Delhi is a timely step in right direction. In this monsoon issue, the article on Rainwater Harvesting describes the basic concepts and components to be adopted for the process.
A Walk Through History offers a glimpse of one of the main historic gardens of Lodi period Lodi Gardens in Delhi. It was later redesigned in the mid twentieth century on the lines of English landscape concepts.
American landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh talks about his design philosophy, his influences, past experiences and works.
In Horticultures section,we feature Planting Mixtures for Cacti. It elaborates the set of requirements in terms of soil, water and sunlight that are needed by these succulents for their healthy growth.

Cultural Landscapes by Divay Gupta

Design of Scenic Roads - III by S. Jeyakumar

Rainwater Harvesting by Geeta Wahi Dua

A Walk Through History : Lodi Gardens, Delhi by Nupur Prothi Khanna

Michael Van Valkenburgh


The Herbal City : A Dream Scheme by Manjari Chakraborty

Planting Mixtures for Cacti by Adit Pal

Book Review
Elizabeth B. Moynihan, The Moonlight Garden,Washington D.C.,
Smithsonian Institution, 2000

Know Your Plants
Lagerstroemia flosreginae, Jarul

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