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volume 8 | issue 1
Ian McHarg, the renown ecological planner evolved a new method of landscape planning, both in his practice and writings and strongly advocated its applications for a better future for the development of the land. In India, the cities of Delhi and Chandigarh are examples of planning exercises where the idea of landscape as an influential factor in urban planning was recognized and addressed in its own way. In spite of their respective sets of issues, they remain landmark urban planning projects of the country till date. In the first comprehensive Master Plan for the city of Delhi which was formulated in 1962, the natural assets of the city, the ridge forest and river Yamuna and the proposed green areas of various hierarchies played an important role in deriving the overall structure and later on, an environmental vision for the next twenty years.
In the last decade or so, several large scale townships (areas under Special Economic Zones SEZ, with areas in the thousands of acres) are now being developed by private developers in states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal among others. With mainly the investors’ money in play and an eye on the short term benefits, there are important new issues that have emerged for these entities. At the same time new public schemes such as JNNURM have given a new lease of life to medium and small towns to improve their infrastructure development including landscape.
This issue of the journal addresses these concerns of development, planning, and landscape through essays and viewpoints of professionals workings in these fields. It also showcases innovative examples related to city planning where the idea of holistic development is being thought of, explored and implemented to a certain level.


About the Shape of Cities - M. SHAHEER

landscape & planning

Articulating Morphology: Towards An Operational City - Rahul Paul

Dynamics of Culture & Space Creation in Democracy - Narendra Dengle

Chandigarh: A City in Transition - Ram Sharma

Landscape Planning in Gurgaon - Prof. [Dr.] Sanjukta Bhaduri

Goa2100 RUrbanism


In conversation with S K DAS

essay writing competition

'Sense of Place': LA! Journal Essay Writing Competition 2010 winning entries

Parvati–the Place with Hundred Steps
- Manjusha Anand Ukidve

A Broken Bridge
- Shruti Shankar

Jury Comments

project profile

Choreography of Vibrant Open Spaces
- Suzlon One Earth, Pune

commonwealth games | concluding part

The Urban Space Template
- Samir Mathur | Priyam Ballav Goswami

Interview with Savita Bhandari, Director (Landscape), DDA

website review

- Review by Nandita Parikh | Minesh Parikh

book review

Reviewing Spade
- Review by Ashok B. Lall

know your plants

Bel, Aegle marmelos

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