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volume 7 | issue 4
Sites where a community’s relationship with landscape over a substantial period of time in terms of the evolving values, beliefs and hence its attitude towards it being a key factor in establishing its identity are often referred to as cultural landscapes. The sites may also include areas where this relationship has been established not by a single community but people at large. They are strong indicators of interdependent nature of relationship of humans with nature, and are therefore tested models of sustainability. The holistic management of these areas thus becomes vitally important.
In conservation circles, the built heritage centric issues of heritage areas are more clearly understood, recognized and addressed than the issues relating to cultural landscapes including to a great extent natural heritage sites. These categories rarely get the type of attention they deserve. An area of concern while addressing these sites includes formulating guidelines keeping in mind their new context and the needs of the present evolving world. They should not be developed as frozen landscapes, as relics of the past, but should respond to the present and the future, especially in the context of urban landscapes.
The proposal titled “Decoding Traditional Knowledge through the Sustainable Water Management” for Hampi World Heritage Site has recently won IFLA Asia Pacific Region Presidents’ Award under Landscape Management category. With the revived interest, in the coming years, let us hope that the professionals from the conservation and landscape disciplines are able to contribute positively in bringing to light these significant cultural sites and landscapes.


Biodiversity & Climate Change


About Golconde - M. Shaheer

cultural landscapes

The Indian Cultural Landscape and its Protection & Management through Cultural & Historic Urban Landscape Concepts
- Prof. Nalini Thakur

In Search of the Hindu Garden
- Charles Correa

Conservation of Cultural Landscapes
- Amita Sinha

Cultural Landscapes - A Program of UNESCO
- Geert Robberechts

Envisioning a Sustainable Landscape -
Creative Resource Use, Communications and Commerce in the Development of the Cultural Landscape of Sironj during the Mughal period

- Anuradha Chaturvedi

Beyond High Passes
- Tara Sharma

The Cultural Landscape of a World Heritage Site -
Temple Preah Vihear, Cambodia

- Divay Gupta

Delhi Heritage Route - Humayun’s Tomb-Red Fort
- INTACH, Delhi Chapter

Landscape Urbanism - Decoding Traditional Knowledge through the Sustainable Water Management
- Mohan S. Rao

Cultural Landscapes: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Preserving Values in a Changing Environment
Interview with Francesco Bandarin - Director, UNESCO World Heritage
Interview by: Jared Green

commonwealth games

Commonwealth Games 2010 | Part 2
Streetscaping Works
Interview with Ramesh Raina, Chief Engineer, NDMC

know your plants

Putranjiva, Putranjiva roxburghii

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