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volume 7 | issue 1

Reaching the twenty-fifth issue is a kind of a landmark in the journey of a professional publication and we are happy to have arrived with the unstinting support of our readers. To mark this anniversary of the Journal, various thoughts passed through our minds over the last twelve months, and we consulted our professional colleagues and friends.

With the objective of looking at the larger landscape with fresh eyes, we went ahead with the idea of inviting personalities from visual arts, music, and of course landscape architects and architects to write on the theme of INDIAN LANDSCAPES: IMAGES AND PERCEPTIONS.

Our minds are conditioned to convert our observations and experiences in a complex set of thinking with the general objective of rationalizing the world around us. In doing so, we often lose sight of the simple things in life...the thrill of a drenching rain shower, walking through the soft grass of a park, the sights and sounds of birds in the evenings, the melody of a flute from an unexpected direction..

The views expressed by the our contributors about their perceptions and experiences of Indian landscapes is a refreshing change for us from the usual ground realities. They write about their sensitivity, experiences, images and dreams…about nature, landscapes and life in general and how these link with their work.


Public Spaces: Changing Contexts, New Directions
- Exhibition of the 1st Landscape Journal Students’ Design Competition at Pune


Anant Raje - Dr S. S. Bhatti

Indian Landscapes: Images and Perceptions
Dr Shishir R. Raval

The Beyond-Ness of Benaras
Narendra Dengle

Varanasi: Braced in Belief
Arun Bhat

Changing Imagery of the Gardens of Taj Mahal
Dr Priyaleen Singh

The Archaeological Landscape
Nayanjot Lahiri

Colours of nature
A. Ramachandran

Making a mural
Gulammohammed Sheikh

Landscape Photography
Ganesh H. Shankar

Ladakh | An Ever-Changing Palette
Joginder Singh

Songs of lands
Rahul Ram

Place in my space
Seema Anthony

Seeing the city
Parin Shah


The Art of Nature and Design - Interview with Carol Symser Mcharg by Adit Pal

classic books revisited

Design With Nature Feature By T. M. Chengappa

horticulture notes

Mango Orchards - The Tree - Dr Lakshmi Unnithan


Mohammad Shaheer

book review

Sacred Gardens and Landscapes: Ritual and Agency
Review by: Amita Sinha

know your plants

Champa, Plumeria Obtusa

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