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volume 6 | issue 4

We have been thinking about the idea of compiling an issue based on emerging landscape practices for the last one year, having being receiving project examples from young landscape professionals on various themes and subjects in the last few issues. An invitation to contribute projects was sent to professionals working in different geographical locations across the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other smaller cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Vadodara, Chandigarh and Hyderabad, the idea being to showcase the variety and scale of projects being designed in India today.
The projects thus received, and covered in this issue, are mostly private in nature, with few falling in public domain. With greater awareness in government agencies about the role of landscape architects in urban realm, examples being seen in the government projects being floated for Commonwealth Games in the capital, we hope and anticipate that the profession will be even more visible in public arena in years to come.
It is always heartening to see professionals in other disciplines doing thoughtful work and is a pointer towards a bright future for the design disciplines in India in general. Last month, DADA & Partners, a consortium of professionals based in Gurgaon won the prestigious SPA Campus urban design competition. We present the prize winning entry of the competition in the issue.
We realize that little information is available in international publications on landscape projects in South Asia. In this issue we present an article on Clock Towers of Pakistan, the first in the series of the new section on South Asia.

What is Good Landscape Design
Adit Pal

Sindhu Baug
Anuj Malhotra | Ahmedabad

Private Residence
Maneesha Patel | Vadodara

Terrace Garden
Sriganesh Rajendran | Mumbai

Mahindra Institute Of Quality
Umesh Wakaley | Pune

Private Residence
Vikas | Vandana Labba | Pune

Astrazeneca Campus
Kannan Somasundaram | Bengaluru

Syed Zahid | Hyderabad

Ffort Resort
Anuradha Puri Rathore | Kolkata

Madhup Mazumder | New Delhi

Sneh Resort
Sachin Jain | New Delhi

Sanju Bose | New Delhi

Crossings Circle
Sujata Hingorani | New Delhi

Significance & Scope Of The Subject Of Landscape
Design In Architecture Curriculum

Abhijit Natu | Pune


SPA New Campus: Winning Entry - DADA & Partners


Historical Perspective of Clock Towers in Pakistan:
- Dr. (Prof.) Neelum Naz


Vermiculture & Vermicomposting - Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan


Savita Punde

book review

Sustainable Building Design Manual 1&2
Published by: The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi
Review by: Neeraj Manchanda

know your plants

Maulsari, Mimusops Elengi
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