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volume 6 | issue 3

In the last two decades, we have seen a direct and visible relationship between development and a growing economy, resulting in the rapid growth of cities and new towns across the country, a phenomenon also seen in other developing nations around the world. On the one hand, it symbolizes the new hopes and aspirations of a developing nation, and what is referred to as ”an economist’s dream”, but on the other hand, it has segregated, and fractured the very basic structure of the society.
In the name of world class, we have designs of spatial developments that are insensitive to the local culture, climate, and region and of course constructed at exorbitant costs. The essence of spatial design disciplines is lost once the designer starts catering only to the elite and rich. The pace and quality of this new economy driven development is further encouraging the disparity among the society in terms of economic parameters.
The main challenge for the designers involved in urban planning is to bring the exercise of development back to the public. Other objectives should be the giving back the sense of cultural identity, contextual meaning and regional flavor to the overall urban scene. Designers and other professionals can avail the opportunities as thrown open by JNNURM and SEZS to think and redirect the developments so as to create more Indian cities and towns, sensitive to the needs of people living here, in their conditions and contexts.

About Universities: City Within City by M. Shaheer

City Spaces, Time and Technology: The Changing Equation
by Prof. Kavas Kapadia

City and Master Plans by E F N Ribeiro | Shirely Ballaney

Urbanism, Master PLans and New Developments
by Dr. Bimal Patel | Shirely Ballaney

Landscapes of Informational Urbanism by Dr. John C Stallmeyer

Invisible is the City by Pratap Bhanu Mehta

The Nature of Cities by Snehanshu Mukherjee

What is Essential One . . . by Narendra Dengle


Sustainability - Mohan S Rao

Ecological Understanding of Natural Sites - Ketaki Ghate


James Wescoat

book review

Urban Spaces: Environments for the Future
Author: Jacobo Krauel
Edited & Translated: Jay Noden
Publisher: LINKS - 2009
Review by: Prof. Rajat Ray

know your plants

Shahtoot, Morus Alba
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