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volume 6 | issue 2

Over a hundred design ideas for developing all kinds of public spaces – riverfronts, maidans, chowks, recreational and commercial areas, transport corridors – it was a real pleasure to receive an overwhelming response to LA! Journal’s first Student’s Design Competition that what organized in the months of August – October this year. Our initial jittery feelings and nervousness were quickly replaced by excitement as the entire event – submission entries, jury, exhibition and the awards presentation along with discussion forum were received very well.
This year three companies – Millennium Pools, Basant Betons and ZTC International, all from Bangalore, were kind enough to support the event.
Student submissions from all over India demonstrated the in-depth thinking that went into their works and excellent presentation skills. There were some interesting observations.
One, our students are quite capable and comfortable to work in groups or teams, which is a healthy trend and should go a long way in making them positive professionals. Around 65% entries were submitted by teams.
Two, riverfront developments and urban parks are the favorite topics to study as public spaces.
Three, if given a choice, Pune is the favorite city to choose a site for landscape design. Institutes from Maharashtra contributed nearly half of the share of entries.
And, four – as a lot of entries showed us – as far as presentations are concerned our students are at par with international standards.

Landscape Design Competition

Public spaces: Changing context, New directions
- Landscape Journal 1st students’ design competition 2008

Award Winning Entries

Sunlight through a crack: people for space at Haveli Ni Pol, Ahmedabad

Landscape Development along the banks of River Mula-Mutha, Pune

Yamuna Riverfront development, Agra

Roundabout as an active public space in the cultural capital of Kerala
– Thrissur

Discussion forum | Awards Presentation

Keynote address | Ram Sharma

Public spaces in historical context past issues and transformations
by Neelkanth H. Chhaya

Public Space: Beyond Aesthetic Cleansing by M. Shaheer

Public Spaces: Structuring Principles by Ujan Ghosh

Contemporary design of public spaces by Nina Chandavarkar

Public Spaces, Landscape architecture & sustainability by Neeraj Manchanda | Adit Pal

Gendered use of landscapes: A case of community open spaces
by Abhijt Natu


Public Spaces, Common man & simplicity...
interview with Pradeep Sachdeva

know your plants

Saptaparni, Alstonia scholaris
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