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volume 5 | issue 4

For years, the principal design approach to Zoological Parks, or Zoos, in India has been directed by conservation, research and education oriented guidelines as mentioned in the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and National Zoo Policy 1998. The real challenge is to adopt a professional approach towards development and management of the zoos within this framework, making them more conducive for animals, providing proper and healthy living conditions to them, while at the same time responding to the role of the zoos as a public place.
Dr. B. R. Sharma, Member Secretary, Central Zoo Authority - CZA discusses various conflicts that Indian zoos are facing. The Authority is already taking initiatives to involve professionals to work for Indian Zoos. Formulation of Master Plans, barrier designs, creating naturalistic enclosures and enrichment features, signages and displays are some of the areas where the involvement of design professionals could really make a difference.
Jon Coe, a senior landscape architect in Australia has done enormous work in the specialized area of developing and managing Zoological Parks. He shares his experiences of working in this ‘unconventional’ field. His handmade sketches and illustrations are a real delight to look at.
Sally Walker, founder member, Zoo Outreach Organization, Coimbatore puts across her views about conservation and management of Indian Zoos.

Zoological Parks: Planning & Designing by M. Kamal Naidu

Zoo Master Planning by Dr. Brij Kishor Gupta | Adit Pal

Trends In Zoo Design - Changing Needs In Keeping Animals by Monika Fiby

Hathi Gaon Amber, Rajasthan by Mohan S. Rao | Inde

A Walk Through The Singapore Zoo by Nandita Parikh | Minesh Parikh

About A View From The Window by M. Shaheer


Conserving The Wild:
Dr. B. R. Sharma, Member Secretary, Central Zoo Authority


Wildlife Sancturies | India
The Wildlife Institute Of India’s Official List Of 482


Reaching Out Sally Walker

book review

Barrier Design For Zoos
Author: Dr. Brij Kishor Gupta
Review by: Dr. Rommel Mehta

Handbook For Indian Zoo Directors
Author: M. Kamal Naidu
Review by: Sally Walker

know your plants

Teak, Tectona Grandis
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