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volume 1 | issue 2

On the release function of the journal held in February, chief guest Mr A.P. Kanvinde stressed upon the need to develop a general awareness among the society regarding the relevance and need of a landscape profession. It was emphasized by the other speakers including Prof. Ravindra Bhan that landscape professionals should be involved in decision making process, if the profession is to make a strong impact on the social & cultural environment of the society.
But things are gradually improving. Landscape professionals are really involved in doing quality work for development of urban areas, especially in cities of Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.
In this issue, we pay homage to Prof. Ian McHarg, landscape architect, environmentalist and author of the seminal book ‘Design with Nature’, who passed away in March. This issue includes a special feature on Designing of Pilgrimage Sites, with a case study of Sarnath done by University of Illinois. Contemporary Landscape Lighting sheds light on the various parameters to be considered for designing an effective lighting system for outdoor areas.

Exploring the land of Landscape Architecture by Manjari Chakraborty

Obituary : Prof. Ian L. McHarg

Interview : Prof. Ravindra Bhan

Designing Pilgrimage sites by Amita Sinha

Contemporary Landscape Lighting by Samir Mathur

Design of Scenic Roads - II by S. Jeyakumar

Book Review
Dr. Subhadra Menon, Trees of India,New Delhi,
Timeless Books 2000

Know Your Plants
Cassia Fistula, Amaltas

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