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volume 5 | issue 3

The reason to have special issues on the themes Conserving Biodiversity and Zoological Parks (that follows this issue) is to make landscape professionals in our country aware of their scope of works in these areas. Both of these are relatively new fields for us to practice, at least here in India.
Dr. Shishir Raval introduces the subject of biodiversity to the readers, relating it to the professional works being done by our colleagues in this field, which are very few. He calls upon the community to respond to the call of time and contribute in this field.
One cannot underestimate the role of the documentation, research, data management and its interpretation in this field where sensitive natural components are involved. Many government Institutes and Non Government Organizations (NGOs) in India are doing commendable work in the process of implementing well researched and formulated conservation practices on site. The project being undertaken by French Institute of Pondicherry includes an exhaustive study of the biodiversity components of Western Ghats by using technological advances of GIS technology.
A research carried out on the subject of the different habitats of River Chambal, Rajasthan by Wildlife Institute of India provides a useful insight of the subject with recommendations.
Roger Anger, the Master Planner of the town of Auroville passed away in January this year in France. Pashi Kapur, who is member of Auroville Centre for Integral Urban Research and Planning, worked with him on various development proposals of Auroville. He pays a tribute to his dear friend.

About Kalidasa: The World Garden and Gardens in The World
by M. Shaheer

Biodiversity: An Enigmatic Question,A Call for Action
by Dr. Shishir R. Raval

Forest Landscape Approach for Biodiversity Management :The Western Ghats
by B. R. Ramesh

Biosphere Reserves: A Concept Towards Conservation of Major Eco-System Types of The World
by Dr. R. K. Rai

An Exercise in Landscape Conservation: Smriti Van, Jaipur
by Dr. Rajiv Khanna

Birds Oasis: Model Colony Lakaki Lake, Pune
by Ravindra Bhan

Nature Concerns: Bittu Sahgal, Editor Sanctuary Asia

Book Review
Trees in Indian Art Mythology and Folklore, Bansi Lal Malla
Aryan Books International | 2000

Know Your Plants
Kanak Champa, Pterospermum Acerifolium

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