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volume 5 | issue 1

With Red Fort being declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Delhi now enjoys the status of a city that houses three World Heritage Sites, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutub Minar being the other two. The critical issues like lack of documentation of various layers of the history over a period of time for these sites, changes in ownership and land uses, involvement of multiple agencies in managing these sites, their role in the present context, their proneness to urban pressures make the role of a professional engaged in managing these areas very important.
Historic gardens of Mughal era have always been a source of inspiration to designers, curiosity to researchers and scholars and ultimately a source of delight to the public. A comprehensive account of design considerations and landscape elements of Mughal gardens with their documentation marks this section.
It is very rare, that professionals get a chance to study and develop an area, that it self is a place symbolizing history of a city, even a region, hence so close to the heart of the people. It becomes their identity. Baghe Babur, Kabul is one of such rare examples where the historic garden of Emperor Babur, laid down in 16th century that was destroyed to a large extent during several factional wars has been restored. It has become a symbol of hope and future for the country that has long been devastated by massive destruction again and again. We carry a brief feature of the garden in this issue.

Conservation & Development in City Planning by M. Shaheer

Red Fort: Conservation Management Plan for a World Heritage Site
by Gurmeet Rai

Conserving The Spirit Of A Rajput Garden - Moolsagar, Jaisalmer
by Dr Priyaleen Singh

Mughal Gardens by M. Shaheer

The Mughal Gardens, Srinagar - Documentation

The Humayun’s Tomb Gardens - a project of ASI & AKTC

Making a Case for the Conservation of Lal Bagh, Bangalore
by Nupur Prothi Khanna

The Lost Gardens of the Khajuraho Region
by Ameet Babbar & Geert Robberechtsv

Baghe Babur - Kabul, Afghanistan

Reconstructing The Taj Ebba Koch

Book Review
The Complete Taj Mahal, Ebba Koch
Thamson And Hudson Ltd. London, 2006

Know Your Plants
Ficus Religiosa, Peepal

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