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volume 4 | issue 3

The uncontrolled depletion of the natural resources land, water and vegetation at the cost of development has become norm of the day. The notion that in order to live and survive, civilization has to progress, hence build and so urbanize and develop is unquestionable. But at the same time, it should not happen at the cost of nature which, provides the basic environmental services, flora and fauna, on which human life depends.
In this situation, role of a landscape architect – one of the few design professionals that that work closest to nature – has become much more crucial. In this issue, we discuss various concepts like TERI GRIHA, LEED Rating of Green Buildings and views on energy efficient landscapes.
A highly informative tree guide has been created and published for a capital city by a filmmaker turned naturalist – Pradip Krishen, whose knowledge of native trees of Delhi is second to none. In a world where web information can be searched instantly, Pradip’s search for botanical knowledge from old gazetteers and colonial-era books seems anachronistic, but proves that ‘old’ knowledge is worth its weight in gold. We share some of the experiences and views of the author about the subject.

Sustainability and the Landscape Architect by Adit Pal

Resource Efficient Landscape: The TERI GIHA Approach by Minni Mehrotra

Environmentally Conscious : ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon by Shwetal Kadam

Modifying Microclimate Through Energy Efficient Enviroscaping
by Satyaki Sarkar

Outdoor Lighting & Environment by Manav Bhargava

The Delhi Treetise Pradip Krishen

Book Review
Trees Of Delhi: A Field Guide, Pradip Krishen
Dorling Kindersley (India) 2006

Know Your Plants
Tamarindus Indica, Imli

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