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volume 4 | issue 2

Kudos to DUAC for its works this year! It has been quite an inspiring and exciting year under the chairmanship of Charles Correa who has initiated a long awaited exercise for the city of Delhi, which has its own share of planning issues – some inherited and others emerged over a period of time. Multiplicity of development agencies, overlapping of ownerships and works has further made the situation complex.

We sincerely hope that DUAC efforts would form an integral part of the ideal vision of the city that is aspired by every citizen of the capital. May the development proposals and schemes conceived by professionals be implemented in full spirits. The responsibility of this job should be equally shared by the developments agencies – DDA, NDMC, MCD, DMRTC, DTTDC among others.

In this issues, we feature a few proposals of DUAC, which were showcased in the exhibition Imagining Delhi. All the best to Mr. Correa and his team…

Delhi Landscape
Panel discussion: M. Shaheer, Ratish Nanda, Yogesh Kapoor
Chair: Ram Sharam

Imagining Delhi: Proposals
Grand Open Spaces
Shamnath Marg
Moving Ahead

Book Review
Deccan Traverses- Anuradha Mathur, Dilip Da Cunha
Rupa & Co. New Delhi, 2006

Know Your Plants
Terminalia Arjuna, Arjun

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