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volume 4 | issue 1

Most landscape practices usually start with residential projects. It is always a challenge to create aesthetically appealing and functional open areas in constrained environments of urban residences that are full of activities of different nature throughout the day. Interventions find their way in the form of design of setbacks, boundary walls, courtyard, and their walls and terrace gardens among others.
If the architect of the house is sensitive enough to-wards the landscape and the setting of the house, then the client is assured of a place that is an integrated effort with positive vibes, of both the professionals and has an ambience of its own. This issue features a few landscape design projects of residences of varied scales.
Like all projects, planting plays a crucial part in the design of residential projects where the design elements are of a certain scale. A brief article on planting of small gardens gives an idea about the type of species to be recommended. Article on “sky gardens” elaborates various essential aspects of design of terrace gardens.

Residential Landscapes by Anjali Tewari Kulkarni

Architect’s own house - New Delhi by Ravindra Bhan

House on a square by Samir Mathur & Vandita Mudgal

Bungalow at Jalgaon by Suvarna Sathe

Chordia residence - Pune by Forethought Design Consultants

House with wings - Lonavala by Ravi & Varsha Gavandi

Sky gardens by Nandita & Minesh Parikh

More Residences: Ansals | Chadha | Thukral | Dr Bharuka

Planting in the small garden by Nikhil Dhar

Book Review
Steps To Water by Morna Livingston
Princeton Architectural press 2002

Know Your Plants
Anthocephalus Cadamba, Kadamb

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